Carrots: patience seems to be a virtue with growing carrots but they are totally worth the time they take to grow. This is also a public service announcement to always grow carrots by seed versus nursery starts. Root veggies seem to be just better by seed and of course way cheaper when grown from seed. This year I am growing a wide variety of carrots for the various colors and taste but I am loving these Bolero carrots that I used in the carrot bread yesterday. These are from @johnnys_seeds and they are the pelleted Bolero seeds. I wanted to do a trial of pelleted versus unpelleted with carrots and I think I’m liking the pelleted better. For those that don’t know (which I didn’t until recently) pelleted seeds are more for machine sowing but also good for seeds like carrots and lettuce when sowing by hand because it helps with spacing, germination, and preventing misshaping. And therefore helps decrease the amount of thinning you are having to do with these types of seeds (which as you might know I am terrible at thinning my seeds because I feel bad taking one little plant’s opportunity to grow up to big vegetable) and also means less seeds wasted 🙌🏻 These pelleted carrot seeds seem to be doing much better than my unpelleted Bolero carrots. So in case you run into the choice of pelleted versus unpelleted that is my two cents 😘 Have a great start to your week everyone, try to get outside, and remember to take deep breaths ❤️ this too shall pass #growingcarrots #carrots #gardeningtips #gardeninspiration #gardeninglife #gardeningismytherapy #bountifullife