If you’re interested in growing your own food, starting with herbs can be a fun and easy entry point, especially in the springtime before it gets too hot. Here are a few tips for growing fresh herbs🌱 Sun- 6+ hrs of sun a day. There are some herbs like cilantro that don’t like extreme heat but will do great in the spring and fall in cooler temps. Water- herbs like moist but well drained soil. In other words, not soaking and not too dry. Fertilizer- I mix a little organic starter fertilizer in with my soil at the time of planting to help establish their root system, just a little will do. A few notes- If you’re a first time herb grower, I would recommend buying already started plants. You all probably have a higher success rate right from the start which will be more fun and build your gardening confidence. Feel free to try growing from see if you would like, but just know that it can be a little more tricky and take quite a lot longer to start harvesting herbs. Other tips- mint is very invasive, so if you are going to grow mint, grow it in its own container otherwise it will overcome the other herbs roots. Rosemary- can get very large so give it a little extra room and keep it pruned back to a manageable size. Please share any herb growing tips that you have🌱🙌🏻 #dreambigurbanfarm