My name is August and I am a Mum of two rather unhelpful gardeners Posie and Winnie. Up to 3 years ago I had never really grown a thing! My husband bought me a vegetable growing book and I was hooked from that point on! With my two unhelpful gardeners we began to dig vegetable beds, bring seeds to life and turn derelict areas of the garden into edible secret hide outs. The love of gardening consumed me. One day My husband took me to @belmondlemanoir for lunch, we walked into the vegetable garden and I fell in love, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Vegetables overflowing beds in front of our eyes. I still to this day don’t know what possessed me to look for gardening jobs that week as I had been an Air Hostess for 19 years and loved it. I had a browse one night and the first job which came up was a job @belmondlemanoir I took it as a sign and went for it 🤗. Following my heart I can now proudly say I have been a gardener for a year working at one of the best kitchen gardens in the country working with Michelan star chefs growing interesting new and exciting vegetables and living the vegetable dream. I am also currently studying Horticulture at college and my new obsession for 2020 is extending our veg patch to grow a cut flower garden which I hope to share British grown flowers with the local area. What I have learnt from my journey is to trust and believe in yourself, I honestly think you can do anything you set your heart at. I am proof that with hard work, determination and a sprinkle of passion dreams can come true. 🌈 . . Today we are joining in with @sow_much_more #lettucebefriends such a wonderful idea to bring the Gardening IG community together by getting to know one another a bit more. Come and introduce yourself and join in the fun. . . #lettucebefriends #garden #gardening #cabbage #homegrown #vegetable #gyo #dreamscancometrue #positive #lifestyle #dream #kitchengarden #organic #healthy #home #allotment #healthyliving #believeinyourself #urbanorganicgardener #growyourownfood #sustainableliving #change #gardensofinstagram #gardenersofinstagram