Tomato Seed Saving Tips . Now is the perfect time to think about saving precious tomato seeds for sowing next season. Here is a basic method that has worked well for me: 1️⃣ Ensure the chosen tomatoes are heirlooms or open pollinated varieties. Use a large, ripe and disease free tomato and slice it in half or into quarters. . 2️⃣ Squeeze or spoon out the seeds, pulp and juice into a glass of shallow water and store it at room temperature for 1-2 days. You may notice a layer of mould developing on the surface after a while, this is normal and will assist to remove the gelatinous coating around each seed. Stir at least 2 times a day to help dislodge the seeds from their coating. It is important this is removed as it may prevent long term seed germination if left on. . 3️⃣ After day 2, pour all the contents into sieve and flush with lots of fresh water to remove all the mould, remaining tomato pulp and wash the seeds. Once the seeds are clean, transfer them onto some paper towels and allow them to dry in a cool dark place for a day or 2. . 4️⃣ Once dry, pick them off and store them in an envelope until next season. Don’t forget to label and date the seed packet! The seeds are generally viable for 1 - 3 years. Saving your own seed is a great way to preserve special varieties, saves you money and almost guarantees you are getting healthy seeds because you have had full control over the entire growing cycle. The tomato pictured is Pink Berkeley Tie Dye, one of my favourites this season! What is your preferred seed saving method and what seeds are you saving for next season? . . #seedsaving #seeds #seedstarting #tips #gardeningtips #tomatoes #tomato #edibles #season #gardening #prepare #gardenactivist #gardeningaustraliamag #gardeningaustralia #urbanorganicgardener #gyo #growyourown #organic #tomatolover #permaculture #sustainability #homegrown #growfromseed #howto #greenthumb #heirloomseeds #veggiegarden #sustainablesprout