What's the first word or thought that springs to mind when you see this view? For me: Peace 💜 Let's virtually escape the worries of the world and head to this secret bluebell wood in Wiltshire, England. Love this by @tonywoodphotography . I was reading that the English Bluebell’s sap is quite sticky and was often used by medieval archers as a glue, to fasten flight feathers on their arrows! It's also said that bluebells flourish best in ancient woodland, so it's a great way to identify the age of the place as they prefer well established soil. Before about 1600, planting of new woodland was rare, so woodland that was present at that time was likely to have grown naturally. . Bluebells feature heavily in folklore too and are also known as ‘fairy flowers’. In medieval tales it was said the bluebells rang out to summon fairies to their gatherings! But the villagers may have been seeing things as they couldn’t safely drink the water and quaffed a lot of ale back then 😅 . Have a lovely, peaceful day friends. Beautiful shot by @tonywoodphotography 🇬🇧 To be featured, follow and tag us! ‘Ta 🇬🇧