Here’s a group of pictures of foods I have enjoyed over the past 6 months. You see mostly salads, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fat, fruit & lots of veggies; these are typically labeled “Healthy Diet” foods because they are high in nutrients. BUT you also see I’ve enjoyed In-n-Out, French fries, pizza, dessert, & wine; these are all typically seen as “bad/unclean/unhealthy diet” foods. But guess what? I’ve lost fat & gained muscle while enjoying ALL of these foods; because it’s NOT about the food choices when it comes to fat loss but it's ALL about food portions and moderation. . . A year ago I would have thought that eating a cupcake or having a burger would instantly cause fat gain, but now I know that as long as my calories & macros are in check then I can enjoy whatever I want & still reach my fitness goals. . . Veggies, fruit, lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats…I get it, it may not seem exciting at all to some people. That’s why I try to share recipes with those foods in a way that can get people on board with eating to fuel their bodies instead of just eating for comfort or pleasure. And eating foods that are nutrient dense & labeled as “healthy” most of the time (80-90%), can then easily allow you to enjoy an occasional dessert, pizza, or other fun foods🍔🥞🍝 in moderation that won’t cause weight gain. . . The biggest reason I think that flexible dieting is such an amazing way to live is because it takes labels off of how we see certain foods, which in turn takes off labels on how we see ourselves. If we see pizza as “bad/unclean/unhealthy” then we can look at ourselves as “bad/unclean/unhealthy” if we eat it. This is no way to live. I flexibly diet because through it I have gained a balanced relationship with food & a love & respect for my body. . . I'm a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, it's my job to help people reach their fitness goals by losing fat & gaining muscle. I recommend flexible dieting with my clients because it lets them reach their goals while enjoying their lives & without being miserable with what they're eating. . Flexible Dieting isn't a fad or quick fix, it's a sustainable lifestyle🙌❤️